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My story


I started gymnastics when I was five, until I decided to stop everything to start my studies in marketing. From there, I had a constant feeling of emptiness and a permanent search until I discovered the practice of Yoga when I needed it most. I quickly see that yoga goes beyond a simple physical exercise. Over time, I become aware of the power of this discipline that brings balance and inner calm. The desire to share and transmit is obvious to me naturally.

I decided to leave the world of fashion to become a yoga teacher by starting a training (recognized by Yoga Alliance) in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Barcelona. This entry into the world of well-being has allowed me to feel fully aligned and to flourish by helping others to feel better.

A true virtuous circle!

Since then I teach this ancestral discipline, its infinite richness, its unlimited potentialities.

I bring my love for yoga and people to each of my classes by making sure that every one of my students can practice safely. My challenge is to apply all the techniques learned, in everyday life to be a tool to fight the anxiety, stress and problems caused by a frenetic and competitive world.

Yoga for me is a way of life, a deep and personal search that allows me to evolve on a daily basis and to transmit this knowledge to those who want it.

I started my Energy Healer journey with the teaching of The Modern Mystery School in London offering different modalities to help others to live life at his fullest.



Learn to listen to your body

Taking care of yourself implies a profound change. Through my classes, you work on your body and mind, meet other students, and share your experience with open minded and motivated people. Discover the services I offer, and join my community today.

Group class

My classes are accessible to all, athletics and non athletics, flexible or not (still) flexible;)!
From Monday to Saturday. The schedule is updated weekly. You can also visit my Alex Yogini facebook page to stay logged in on events.
Each class is on reservation, thank you for booking via the website or by email
or by phone +61 491 179 783.
Yoga helps to develop concentration, balance, patience and physical & mental strength.

Private lessons are according to your needs. Classes are based on a mix of physical and mental exercises that work together on your health. They enhance coordination of movement and breathing, increase concentration and help you control your body and mind.

Enjoy the moment. In-company courses help improve your reaction time and short-term memory. Those who have tested my classes feel more relaxed and less distracted. They develop their ability to solve problems and retain information. My courses help to improve the cohesion and motivation of the teams within the company.


"Do not stay in the past, do not dream of the future, focus your mind on the present moment"




Alexandra Romero

+61 491 179 783


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